A Good Ghost Story Never Hurt Anyone

15 February 2019
Every writer needs a good jolt of imagination. I love an edge of your seat suspense novel as much as I love a sweet kiss between an awkward teenage protagonist and his finally won love. Although I write fantasy, I read everything, even the old classics. It’s the characters and the prose that draw me and keep me. And good micro fiction is as fun as a thick Stephen King novel.
I don’t know how other writers do it, but I tend to read more than one work at a time. It generally depends on my mood. Some days, I need to read anything that will scare me. It isn’t always at Halloween, but the expectation can be an influence. Last year I ordered a book of short ghost stories. New Ghost Stories III, from the Fiction Desk. Every so many weeks, when I’ve finished a good novel, a good short story keeps my blood flowing. This collection does exactly that. The authors are writers I’ve never heard of (I’m guessing some, if not all, are from the UK), but all of them have a talent for building suspense in a condensed work. The best thing about these stories is that none of them required the graphic violence that so many writers have thought it necessary to appease readers. They are simple, well written, ghost stories and although some of the endings are implied death, the charm of most of them is that they are frightening only in the imagination of the reader, not the detailed gore of the author.
This is an anthology I highly recommend, especially if you love being frightened occasionally. I’ve posted the address where you can get a copy below. The cost is about $13.00 in American dollars. I’m not sure if that includes shipping. I hope you all get a copy. It’s worth the reading.